Saturday 01/30/21

Saturday 01/30/21
There were 24 players that participated in the games…4 Blue Tee players, 18 White and 2 Silver Tee Players all participating in one flight.

7 Skins were taken out of a $120 Pot…remember your Skins strokes are half your handicap rounded up…first 6 taken paid $16 each…last one paid $24 per Men’s Club policy on skins payouts.

NOTES: Congrats to Jeff Dunn for cleaning out a lot of the games pot…winning the sweeps and getting 3 skins including the last one…Mr. Russo took away his KP on #17 which I have been advised was in a really tough spot…should have made that putt Bobby…I’m sure Jeff will buy you a drink next week as a thank you gesture.

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