Saturday 06/15/19

Men’s Club – Sat 06/15/19

There was a good turnout of 32 players…all participated in the Sweeps & Skins with a $15 contribution to a total games pot of $480.00…including the Match Play participants.
In preparation for the 2-Man Best Ball Tourney next week all players except one played either the White Tees or the Silver Tees…that player got the added strokes based on the USGA Rule for mixed tee events.

The flights were split up based on handicap Index this week (not Blue Tees & White-Silver Tees)…16 players in each flight…and please note that even though 3 players have a 16 handicap two are in Flight 1 and one in Flight 2 based on the Index differential and to keep 16 players in each flight.

There were 7 skins taken for a total of $22 paid for the first 6 and $28 paid for the last one on Hole 17 based on the rounding rules set up by the Men’s Club…Total Skins Pot was $160.

KP Winners:
Hole 3…Russo (8″2″) Hole 6…Walter (8’5″) Hole 12…Doremus (7’4″) Hole 17…Fryt (5’4″)

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