Saturday 05/11/19

Men’s Club…We had 23 Players that entered this week paying in $15 each for a total purse of $345.00.

3 additional players did not enter sweeps & skins…2 were playing a match and 1 is still working on getting a handicap established.

There were 12 Blue Tee Players / 9 White Tee Players / 2 Silver Tee Players.

There were 7 Skins taken out of a total skin pot of $115…first 6 pay $16 and the last one taken gets $19 per VMC policy.

Note: This week’s skins were computed by subtracting 2 strokes from all the White / Silver Tee Players instead of adding 2 to the Blue Tee Players…all handicaps were then divided in half (rounding up) for your skins handicap…this change is because there were more Blue Tee Players than White / Silver tee players this week…USGA scoring policy for mixed event tees (skins) requires it to be done this way.

Also congrats to Mike Miller as the overall money winner shooting a GROSS 69…he not only won low net in the Blue flight but 3 skins (including the last one) and also a KP…nice round Mike!

Thanks to Mike Young for doing the scoring this week…I will have your envelopes for those I see at the Tourney next week.

Rick Davis
VMC Board

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