Saturday 05/04/19

Men’s Club…

Attached are the Sweeps & Skins results from yesterday’s rounds at the Vineyard.

*NOTE: Even if you were in a Match yesterday you need to post a score…those in sweeps post your actual score…those that were not in sweeps post your adjusted score per SCGA rules after your match was finished.

We still had 26 Players participating paying in $15 each for a total pot of $390.00.

There were 10 Blue Tee Players / 13 White Tee Players / 3 Silver Tee Players.

****(Skins: see final adjustments to result page at bottom)

Thanks to Larry Doane for doing the computer work again this week on the scoring.

*Adjustments on skins are as follows:

Biundo $36
Cianfrocco $18
Forrest $22
Christopher $ 18
Winet $18
Thompson $18

Total 5/4 Skins Pot:$130
Overall Pot Total: $390

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