Saturday – 04/13/19

Men’s Club…

Attached are the Sweeps & Skins Results from yesterday’s rounds at the Vineyard.

Click on the tabs at the bottom of the file to see your payouts, scoring, skins results, etc.

Also there is an ESC Report attached to show you what you SHOULD have posted by now.

There were 27 players participating paying in $15 each for a total pot of $405.00.

There were 8 Blue Tee Players / 15 White Tee Players / 4 Silver Tee Players.

There were 9 Skins taken for a total of $15 per skin out of a total pot of $135.00.

Thanks to Mike Young for doing all of the computer work for the scoring.

I will have envelopes for any of you I see at the Match Player Qualifying Tourney next Saturday.

Rick Davis
VMC Board

NOTE: If you are playing in the Match Play Tourney next week and you haven’t paid your
$5 Hole-In-One Insurance please give to any Board Member BEFORE you tee off.

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