Hole-in-One Contest

Hole in One Club

Golf Hole-In-One CompilationThis is what it feels like

The Rules:

– The winner must be a current active member of the men’s club and all club fees/dues/assessments must be paid up before the hole in one was scored.

– The hole in one must be scored in the Saturday sweeps or one of the monthly tournaments. The hole in one must be made at the Vineyard Golf Course.

– The hole in one must be scored on a regulation hole (temporary tees and/or greens are ineligible). The hole in one must be attested to by at least one other active men’s club member.

– If more than one hole in one is scored on the same day the current prize fund will be shared equally.

– A new prize fund will begin after the present fund has been awarded and will be limited to the amount contributed to the new fund. Also Each Year a new donation of $5.00 will be included.

– No refunds or withdrawals are allowed for any reason.

To enter:

Write your name on a piece of paper with notation “Men’s Club Hole in One Contest” and give to any Board member with $5.00 entry fee.

Current Active Paid MembersAs of 11/12/20


Baird, Brian
Bergman, Dale

Carmichael, Don
Chambers, Randall
Christopher, Tom
Cianfrocco, Archi
Cole, Kevin
Crocker Gary

Dagostino Jr, Vince Francis
Davis, Rick
Degeorge, Joseph
Doane, Lawrence
Doremus, Bill
Dunn, Jeffrey

Findley, Paul
Forrest, Jim
Fryt, Henry

Galloway, Scott
Giovanola, Ed
Gregory, Ben

Ho, Andy

Jeffers, Mike
Jensen, Chris

Kassen, Tim
Karp, Raoul
Kaup, Russell
Kinney, Ronald

Levas, Tony

Maggiore Sr., Robert
Mason, Terry
Miller, Michael J

Odonovan, Gene
Ortiz, Ernie

Purkiss Winston
Purviance, Charles H
Pyszczynski Mike

Ragsdale, Cody
Rodis, Glenn
Rovell, Arne
Russo, Bob Steven

Saomarcos, David
Senger, Dennis
Sims, Moe
Sports, George

Thompson, Dan
Trevisin, Chris
Tulius, Jim
Tyczki, John

Utter, Mark

Wilton, Rick
Winet, Randall
Wiser, Bill

Young, Trevor

Zambie, John

Total $615.00

The last Winner was Kevin Brown ($870) – 03/29/19

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